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Pumps for Agriculture

Greater Reliability for Greater Yield 

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Consistent Flow and Pressure for Your Application

The application of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and other compounds used in agriculture must meet strict compliance and safety requirements. Excessive spray due to inconsistent flow rates and inadequate PSI not only wastes expensive products but can damage crops and harm the environment. 

Made of the highest-quality industrial-grade materials, Pumptec’s dependable, long-lasting plunger pumps are engineered to overcome issues common to diaphragm pumps by delivering consistent flow and pressure, and our efficient designs also offer low amperage draw for solar powered systems.

“Poor chemical compatibility is among the most common causes of pump failure. Understand which pump materials and features to use with fertilizers and herbicides.”

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Agriculture Pump Recommendations

Pumptec pumps and assemblies are small but mighty, outperforming more bulky industrial pumps with similar ratings. Achieve consistent, ultra-precise flow and pressure with our aircraft-grade anodized or hardcoat aluminum, nylon, polypropylene, or stainless steel pump bodies, and ceramic or Hastelloy plungers and valves.  

All pump materials and accessories are rated “A” for chemical compatibility and can be custom-designed to meet stringent requirements, resulting in long-lasting durability and lower total cost of ownership.

Pumps for Agricultural Applications



Features numerous manifold port options, able to be configured with multiple elastomer choices and be optimized to your application flow rates. 



Performance and versatility of high flow and pressure for a variety of portable, commercial equipment up to 2.5 GPM and 1000 PSI.



Featuring aircraft-grade hardcoat aluminum, the X-Series pump offers chemical compatibility up to 6.8 GPM and 300 PSI, perfect for area sprays, turf, and more.


Custom Solution

Our engineers can customize a chemical compatible pump solution to your precise GPM and PSI requirements.


Did You Know?

  • Pumptec pumps are field tested by actual technicians to ensure quality and performance
  • Sustainable electric plunger pumps eliminate high noise levels, air pollution, fuel costs, and maintenance requirements of gas-powered systems
  • Pumptec pumps are among the most efficient pumps on the market, able to go an entire day on a single battery charge
  • Compared with off-the-shelf pumps, Pumptec’s customized approach ensures a right-sized solution — not too big, not too small
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