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Hydrostatic Testing Pump Systems

What Makes Our Hydrostatic Testing Pump Systems Different?

Distributors can offer consistent and reliable pressure and flow with Pumptec’s Triple R Series hydrostatic testing pump systems. Simply put, Pumptec’s systems are the best on the market — every truck should have one of these testing systems on board! Why?

  • Complete, custom-designed systems with the most precise GPM and PSI available
  • Rugged plunger pump design and materials for superior longevity
  • Pressure protection comes standard
  • Integrated pressure regulator — protect from over-pressurizing the pump and help prevent motor burnout
  • Reduced amperage and load versus competing pumps
  • Top-notch, attentive customer service

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“When operating around 250 PSI, [Pumptec pumps] can achieve a tremendous amount of flow and fill lines quicker so operators can get in and out of jobs faster, saving on labor costs.”

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Hydrostatic Testing Pump System Recommendations

Hydrostatic testing requires consistent pressure, making Pumptec’s electric plunger pumps an ideal solution. Unlike diaphragm pumps that have flexible components, a plunger pump’s pressure will not ebb and flow.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, Pumptec pumps will provide years of reliable service. They deliver up to 2.2 GPM and operate at up to 1,200 PSI.

Pressure Testing Pump Systems

Technician's Choice

Triple R HT-89A

Lightweight and 20% more efficient than comparable units, yet powerful. This pump puts out 3 GPM at up to 300 PSI with a built-in pressure regulator.


Triple R HT-454

Small but mighty, get up to 4.5 GPM and 400 PSI with a liquid-filled 600 PSI pressure gauge — a go-to assembly for inspectors. 


Triple R Tru-Test 

The Triple R Tru-Test System boasts up to 2.2 GPM and 250 PSI in either 120 V AC or 12V DC and is ultra lightweight. 

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