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Durable, Compact & Effective

Turning seawater or ground water into potable drinking water is not an easy feat, and for those in remote areas or out at sea, reverse osmosis pump failure could present a life-threatening situation.

Pumptec’s self-priming water purification pumps are ideal for boats, RVs, and other off-the-grid applications, able to produce up to 30 gallons of potable water each day. They aren’t damaged by corrosive saltwater, are compact, highly efficient, quiet, and can even be configured to work with solar power. 

“...an affordable, portable, reverse osmosis system that produces enough freshwater to support our customers’ needs. The system’s portability and durability make it an excellent solution for nearly any off-the-grid application.”



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Reverse Osmosis Pump Recommendations

Pumptec pumps are an ideal water purification solution due to their chemical resistant materials that can stand up to corrosive saltwater and other compounds. They are easily configured into desalination systems and can deliver years of reliable operation.

The pump bodies are made of the highest quality stainless steel and use ceramic plungers to ensure compatibility. Pump efficiency is also critical when considering systems for remote areas with limited power. The motor runs on a 12V system and draws only 10–13 amps compared to other systems on the market that draw three times as much. 

Pumps for Water Purification

107SS LEFT nonsquare


The smallest, 1000psi desalination, misting, and injection plunger pump available.


Custom Solution

Our engineers can customize a chemical compatible pump solution to your precise GPM and PSI requirements.


Did You Know?

  • Pumptec pumps are field tested by actual technicians to ensure quality and performance
  • Sustainable electric plunger pumps eliminate high noise levels, air pollution, fuel costs, and maintenance requirements of gas-powered systems
  • Pumptec pumps are among the most efficient pumps on the market, able to go an entire day on a single battery charge
  • Compared with off-the-shelf pumps, Pumptec’s customized approach ensures a right-sized solution — not too big, not too small
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