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Commercial Soft Wash Pump Systems

Superior Chemical Compatibility & Longevity

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Chemical Compatibility Matters

Chemical incompatibility is the biggest driver of pump failure in the soft wash industry. In fact, some operators consider it a given that they’ll need to replace their equipment each season. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Pumptec pumps are engineered to deliver long-lasting operation and value. Our 12-volt soft wash pump is compatible with sodium hypochlorite and other harsh chemicals, and rivals the performance of gas-powered systems. Pumptec’s patented solutions deliver precise flow and consistent pressure for optimal vertical and horizontal throw to get the job done. Plus, because they’re electric, our pumps are more compact, quiet, and sustainable than alternatives.

“We were already happy with how the original Pumptec X-Series pump outperformed the pumps we used before, but when they modified and customized a PVC version of the pump and asked us to beta test it, we were blown away.”

Jimmy Hall,
Freedom Power Washing


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Soft Wash Pump Recommendations

Compact design, quiet operation, outstanding flow and pressure, and durable designs are just some of the reasons why soft wash operators rave about Pumptec pumps and assemblies. Our aircraft-grade anodized or hardcoat aluminum pump bodies and stainless steel, or Hastelloy plungers and valves ensure optimal performance. 

Pumptec’s 12V soft wash pumps are rated “A” for chemical compatibility, are specifically designed for the industry, and are able to perform for years to come with minimal maintenance requirements.

Pumps for Soft Wash

112PVC far right 1200x640


Engineered out of specific materials to handle harsh chemicals such as chlorine dioxide and sodium hydroxide up to 1.50gpm and 100psi.

xpvc left iso


Pressurized high-flow for soft wash. Engineered for compatibility with sodium hypochlorite along with performance rivaling gas-engine powered pumps.


Custom Solution

Our engineers can customize a chemical compatible pump solution to your precise GPM and PSI requirements.


Did You Know?

  • Pumptec pumps are field tested by actual technicians to ensure quality and performance
  • Sustainable electric plunger pumps eliminate high noise levels, air pollution, fuel costs, and maintenance requirements of gas-powered systems
  • Pumptec pumps are among the most efficient pumps on the market, able to go an entire day on a single battery charge
  • Compared with off-the-shelf pumps, Pumptec’s customized approach ensures a right-sized solution — not too big, not too small
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