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Portable Sanitation Washdown & Fill Systems

What Makes Our Portable Sanitation Pump Systems Different?

Centrifugal pumps are notoriously unreliable for septic truck OEMs, but Pumptec’s innovative electric portable sanitation plunger pumps are the most durable systems on the market.

Not only that… they perform like nobody’s business! "The Deuce" — Pumptec's all-new 12V portable sanitation system — helps you deliver the following benefits to your portable sanitation customers:

  • Wash down and fill with one pull from the truck! Do all the work with a single water hose, saving time and money!
  • Throw away those rags and brushes and eliminate 5-gallon fill buckets
  • Save up to 1.5 minutes per portable toilet
  • Clean up to 100 portable units a day with a 1,000-gallon tank 
  • Easily integrate Pumptec’s washdown and fill unit with your existing system 
  • Rely on durable, chemical-resistant, and nearly indestructible pump materials

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See "The Deuce" Pump System in Action!

“It's been a game changer for this industry. We actually traveled through Minnesota with some of the technicians and we’re saving a minute to 1.5 minutes on each house.”


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