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Wash Down & Fill Systems

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Wash Down & Fill In One Pull From the Truck

Reducing route times without compromising quality is a major challenge in the portable sanitation industry. Often, systems are configured with multiple hoses for wash down and fill functions, requiring multiple trips back and forth to the truck.

With Pumptec’s innovative pump systems, portable sanitation operators can switch from washing down the interior of a portable restroom to filling the reservoir quickly using a single hose, cutting down the time spent on each house. Pumptec pumps are engineered to deliver 20% more pressure and flow than competing portable sanitation pumps and are unrivaled for durability and performance. 

“It's been a game changer for this industry. We actually traveled through Minnesota with some of the technicians and we’re saving a minute to 1.5 minutes on each house.”



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Portable Sanitation Pump Recommendations

Pumptec is revolutionizing the portable sanitation industry with its high-performance electric pump systems, allowing companies to improve results and their bottom lines.

Pumptec portable sanitation pumps are compact, making them easy to configure into a system, and their aircraft-grade anodized or hardcoat pump bodies, along with stainless steel or Hastelloy plungers and valves, ensure long-lasting durability. 

Pumps for Portable Sanitation



Muscles high-pressure performance into a variety of commercial cleaning equipment up to 2.2gpm at 1200psi.



Powerful high-flow pumps ideal for area sprays, pest control, portable sanitation, fire protection, and turf, lawn & agricultural applications up to 6.8gpm and up to 300psi.


Custom Solution

Our engineers can customize a chemical compatible pump solution to your precise GPM and PSI requirements.


Did You Know?

  • Pumptec pumps are field tested by actual technicians to ensure quality and performance
  • Sustainable electric plunger pumps eliminate high noise levels, air pollution, fuel costs, and maintenance requirements of gas-powered systems
  • Pumptec pumps are among the most efficient pumps on the market, able to go an entire day on a single battery charge
  • Compared with off-the-shelf pumps, Pumptec’s customized approach ensures a right-sized solution — not too big, not too small
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