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  • What Can We Do For You

    Pumptec is continually improving pump design, performance and materials to offer extended life and ease of service. Many of our improvements come from working with our clients to solve their specific application problems. We welcome your suggestions for new products and other performances.

  • Simple Design Basic Technology

    Pumptec’s simple basic design results in many benefits to the user. The benefits include energy savings, compact size and ease of repair.

    Pumptec’s design featuring the fewest moving parts requires the least amount of energy to operate. The only moving pump part is the plunger. There are no connecting rods, crankshafts or oil seals to steal performance. Every moving part has a mechanical loss and the more moving parts, the greater the losses. The oil used use to lubricate the more complex drive systems in other pumps also draws energy away from performance.

    Pumptec’s simple drive mechanism results in a smaller design. Pumptec is able to receive high  performance from a smaller design than other technologies. Several equipment markets rely upon the compact, high performance features of Pumptec’s design. These markets include portable carpet extractors, chemical injection systems and portable bathroom cleaners.

    Pumptec’s ease of repair is unmatched in the market. Often the only tool is a 3/16” hex wrench and your fingers. No special tools or equipment required to complete repairs. Repairing a Pumptec pump does not typically require removal from equipment or plumbing. This benefits both the equipment manufacturer and their customer. The equipment manufacturer benefits from a customer’s ability to make repairs on-site, without a trip to a service center. Often these repairs take minutes to accomplish and can keep revenue generating equipment generating revenue.

  • Advantages of 12V Over Gas Engine

    Pumptec’s 12V-powered plunger pump technology provides many advantages over gas engine-powered diaphragm pumps.

    12V powered equipment offers the benefits of quiet operation, extended operation and ‘green’ technology.

    12V motors are much quieter than gas engines and draw less attention to work being done. For example, if you are in the pest control business, but your client does not want to call attention to the services you are providing to their residence, a 12V pump system will quietly do the job. Quiet operation also benefits lawn care professionals by increasing the hours of service available to them. In many areas, there are noise restrictions that limit the hours a gas engine can be operated. A 12V system would not be controlled by this rule.

    12V systems use batteries with extended run times beyond the gas tank capacity of some engines. The operator does not have to stop during a job to fill the gas tank or adjust the throttle. With a 12V system, operators can ‘refill’ their batteries driving between jobs if their system is wired that way.

    There is more negative attention than ever towards gas engine-powered equipment. Gas prices, oil dependency and pollution are issues that will continue and may get worse. There exists a positive image of 12V technology as a future, environmentally-responsible power source. Users of 12V equipment may receive more business as a result of these trends in the market.

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