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  • Advantages of a pump without oil

    Pumptec plunger pumps have a unique, oil-less design that provides many benefits to users and designers of equipment.

    Many other high performance pump options use a crankcase of oil to lubricate the drive mechanisms. In order to provide adequate lubrication, the crankcase often needs to be kept parallel to the ground. This requirement limits the equipment design and may compromise overall product goal. Additionally, a crankcase full of oil needs a vent to allow for oil expansion during operation. If an oil containing pump mounted inside equipment is tipped, oil may drain out of the vent and create a mess.

    Pump GreasePumptec pumps do not use oil to lubricate the drive mechanisms. Pumptec uses a special, extreme-duty grease to provide the critical lubrication of the cam bearing and plunger slot. This oil-less design allows the pump to be mounted in a variety of orientations to maximize design possibilities.

    Pumps with oil lubrication require maintenance to change oil. This is often messy and requires complete removal of pump from system to drain and refill. Pumptec pumps typically do not require lubrication maintenance except for humid environments or during replacement part servicing. In the event of grease servicing, the pump head needs to be removed and grease is installed in plunger slot. It is often not necessary to remove plumbing to grease pump.

    It can happen that a severe seal leak occurs in all types of pump. Pumps with oil risk significant damage and cost to expensive drive parts if the oil contamination is not repaired. Pumptec pumps have very few moving and parts and these are simply and inexpensively replaced in such a extreme case.

  • Series 112T Plunger Pump

    112T Plunger Pump

    Pumptec offers Series 112T plunger pump for applications in the performance range of up to 1.2 gpm and up to 200 psi.

    Standard features of the pump include:
    ● Stainless plunger
    ● Stainless steel valves
    ● Teflon seal design
    ● Run-dry capability
    ● Various elastomer options

    Series 112T is one of Pumptec’s oldest and most popular pumps because of its durability, size and performance capability.

    Series 112T has found great success in portable carpet extractors, chemical injection and pest control sprayers. The compact size and motor options have made possible performance previously only available from larger, oversized pumps.

    The standard Teflon seal system handles the challenges of various water solutions and provides elastomer o-ring options to better suit use.. Additionally, the Teflon seal design permits an amount of dry-running operation.

    Motor options: 12V, 24V, 120V and 230V.

  • The High Efficiency of Pumptec Pumps

    Simple Reliable Profitable PerformancePumptec pumps provide the highest efficiency of any pumping technology resulting in performance benefits, application opportunities and design versatility not available with other technologies.

    Lower energy consumption, or amp draw, in 12V powered equipment allows longer run time on a battery charge resulting often in greater revenue-generating operation time. Other pumping technologies require greater energy consumption to provide the same performance output and can drain batteries quicker.

    High efficiency Pumptec pumps have made possible high performance carpet extractors, high pressure hard surface cleaners and high performance 12V sprayers. All these products were previously limited by the inefficient pumping technologies used previously. The diversity of products in these markets has increased as a result of Pumptec’s high efficiency designs.

    The compact, efficient design makes possible portable equipment that were previously limited by the use of a gas engine or large motor.

  • When to choose Buna or Viton Elastomer

    The choice of elastomers, rubber parts, in a pump can be very critical to the long-term success of the pump system. Pumptec provides 2 standard choices for their pumps, Buna or Viton.

    Buna (NBR, Nitrile) is standard in most pumps and works well in most uses in cleaning and fluid pressurizing applications. This form of synthetic rubber is generally resistant to oil, fuel, and other chemicals (the more nitrile within the polymer, the higher the resistance to oils but the lower the flexibility of the material). Buna o-rings are black.

    Viton is a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer commonly used in O-rings and other molded extruded goods. It is a trademark of DuPont. Pumptec uses Viton in pumps used in Pest and Lawn spraying because of its resistance to hydrocarbons found in some chemicals. Viton o-rings are brown.

    For assistance determining your elastomer needs, check for chemical compatibility at: Cole-Parmer Chemical Compatibility

    Not seeing your chemical on the list? Pumptec can offer other elastomers depending on the pump model and purchase quantity. Give Pumptec the opportunity to help you.

  • Why the M in the Model Number

    Pumptec pumps are typically sold with a motor attached to provide the performance required. Pumptec provides a variety of motor choices to meet various performance specifications required by our customers . Each motor has a unique “M” number to specifically describe the motor on that assembly. Over the years as product and vendor improvements have occurred, some “M” numbers have discontinued and replaced. For example, M70 is no longer available and has been replaced by M35.

    As a customer, rest assured that if Pumptec does not offer the same motor as you have, we will have a better replacement.

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