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  • Pumptec Brings Value to Every Stakeholder

    Quality WorkPumptec Inc is proud of their made in USA products and continue to manufacture in Minnesota when others have sent work and technology out of the country.

    From the beginning, Pumptec has sought to bring value to every stakeholder, from our suppliers to our final customer. Our cultural values require we source our materials and processing, such as machining, from local suppliers whenever possible and keep the jobs in our community. We regard all entities involved in creating the Pumptec products as part of a family working cooperatively towards a common goal - the best products for our customers.

    Our home-grown technology permits Pumptec to respond quickly and completely to customer’s requirements with application specific product answers. Many of Pumptec’s patented system technology has its origin in customer requests that others were unable to fulfill. When a product is produced across an ocean or a border, the time to the customer’s hands increases. Market opportunities do not wait and Pumptec’s customers do not need to wait.

    Manufacturing matters.

  • Series 348U Plunger Pump

    348U Plunger PumpPumptec offers Series 348U plunger pump for applications in the performance range of up to  3 gpm and up to 1000 psi.

    Standard features of the pump include:

    • Stainless plunger
    • Stainless steel valves
    • U-cup seal design

    Series 348U has been one of Pumptec’s most popular pumps because of its durability, size and performance capability.

    Series 348U has been used in compact hard surface cleaning and hydrostatic testing equipment.  The compact size and motor options have made possible performance previously only available from larger, more expensive pumps.

    The standard u-cup seal system handles the challenges of various water solutions and tolerates some level of debris in solution. Additionally, the flow capability of Series 348U permits a range of uses for hand-carry pump equipment.

    Motor options: 12V, 24V, 120V and 230V.

  • Importance of Proper Filtration

    Proper filtration helps to maintain the function and proper operation of equipment. Many applications require equipment to have frequent fillings and this is a time when debris can enter the pumping system from buckets, hoses or undissolved chemicals.

    Some of the most harmful debris is hard, granular materials like undissolved powdered chemicals or sand. This granular material will abrade on the plunger and damage the seals and plunger during operation. Evidence of this type of damage is leaking and seal failure. Valves can be damaged in the critical seating area with the result of diminished performance. Regulating devices such as unloaders and regulators can become jammed and stick sometimes causing significant damage to the system.

    Line StrainerTypically, an 80-mesh strainer is recommended to trap the largest, most harmful debris. There are situations that a 40-mesh strainer is recommended, but this is not common and will likely result in lower pump life.

  • PumpScout Joins Forces with US Plunger Pump Manufacturer Pumptec

    PumpScout and Pumptec Inc are pleased to announce a new partnership that will introduce more pump buyers to Pumptec's high-quality duplex stainless steel plunger pumps.

    The pump manufacturer is now a featured supplier on PumpScout.com, a web service that streamlines the pump buying process by instantly connecting buyers with the right suppliers for price quotes and, ultimately, product sales.

    "Our partnership with Pumptec puts another leading company and their well-known brands front and center for the thousands of pump buyers who visit our site," says Justin J. Johnson, CEO of PumpScout. "Pumptec has a strong history of high quality products and excellent service."

    Pumptec Inc is a leading US manufacturer of duplex stainless steel plunger pumps designed to pressurize water for various applications, including pest spraying, misting, pressure cleaning, hydrostatic testing, carpet, tile and grout, and injection and metering. The company's plunger and metering pumps are engineered, designed, assembled, and lubricated at the Minnesota factory for life-long performance; they're also engineered to handle flows up to 4 gpm and pressure up to 1200 psi.

    Gary Geiken, Marketing Director of Pumptec, says the partnership with PumpScout is already providing the company with new customers and increased product sales.

    "We're looking forward to tapping into the ever-growing pool of pump buyers who are using PumpScout.com to source their pumps," says Gary Geiken. "PumpScout has a unique and powerful strategy of reaching new buyers for our products. We very much look forward to this partnership".

    PumpScout.com aims to be a one-stop shop for pump buyers from every industry. The website helps buyers determine the type of pump they need and then routes them toward the appropriate suppliers. It also helps streamline the process by connecting them with multiple pump suppliers for product quotes.

    "The PumpScout web service is used by more than 50,000 engineers, maintenance professionals, and contractors every month. These buyers are using PumpScout to quickly and easily source pumps for their projects," Johnson says.

    About PumpScout.com

    PumpScout.com is the pump buyer's single source for pump supplier and consumer information, tools, and tips on buying and maintaining all kinds of industrial pumps. The website features a powerful quote system allowing buyers to get price quotes - fast and free. For more information, visit PumpScout.com.

    About Pumptec

    Pumptec Inc is a U.S.A., Minnesota-based company that started over 24 years ago with a simple philosophy in mind: build durable, high-quality pumps that work as hard as its customers. Working closely with its customers, the company continues to leverage their expertise. Armed with many industry patents, Pumptec constantly strives to create innovative pumping solutions for spraying liquids in all types of chemical spraying applications. The company designs small, high performance pumps. That is why Pumptec Inc says: Simple. Reliable. Profitable. Performance. For more information, visit Pumptec.com.

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  • Series 213C Plunger Pump

    213C Plunger PumpPumptec’s Series 213C plunger pump for applications in the performance range of up to .75 gpm and up to 1000 psi.

    Standard features of the pump include:

    • Ceramic plunger
    • Stainless steel valves
    • Cartridge seal design

    The most popular application for this pump is Flash Evaporative misting, or mist cooling. In this market, it is often used to provide flow for 2-4 misting rings on fans.

    Pumptec’s unique, compact design allows for a great amount of performance in a small package. Additionally, the Pumptec design permits mounting positions not possible with other type of pumps that rely upon oil to lubricate moving drive parts.

    Other markets include: High pressure chemical injection, low flow dispensing and odor control.

    Motor options: 12V, 24V, 120V and 230V.

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