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Tracking down and eliminating pests takes knowledge, patience, and the right equipment. From rats to ants to bed bugs, effectively controlling pests is a matter of personal comfort as well as public safety. The pest control industry has grown significantly in the last decade due, in part, to human population growth and climate change. For Terminix, a leading pest control provider, keeping up with adaptive pest populations is a never-ending battle. Their arsenal? Expertise and state-of-the-art technology.


The Challenges

Terminix wanted to move away from the use of fossil fuels in their equipment. However, the horsepower of direct current (DC) motors is typically low which made it difficult to find
an alternative that would come close to reaching their performance requirements.

Most pest control liquids have a high pH and contain strong polar solvents that have a slight electrical charge. Some of them contain suspended powders that can be damaging to pumps. And, none of the chemicals are conducive to typical DC-powered pumps. Another challenge was that some chemicals require high volume but low nozzle pressure during application while others require medium or high pressure and low volume during application. These challenges left Terminix perplexed.

Developing a Solution

Pumptec helped them see beyond the pest control industry mindset and traditional beliefs about pump performance. Pumptec helped them see that the consistent pressure at the nozzle and excess flow (GPM) were a challenge when using diaphragm and centrifugal pumps.

The solution required achieving the right combination of PSI and GPM for their pest control applications. With their solid, ceramic, 4-plunger design, Pumptec’s X-Series pumps could provide just the right pressure and flow for Terminix.

The X-Series features an aircraft-grade, anodized, aluminum pump with a Teflon hard-coat body and is nearly indestructible compared to pumps made from castings. And, the body is compatible with a wide variety of chemicals.

The X-Series pumps also have a small footprint; much smaller than the 5 HP gas engine Terminix had been using. That engine weighed over 250 lbs and took up a lot space on their work trucks. The X-Series pumps weigh less than 75 lbs and have a much smaller overall size. This smaller form factor could translate into better fuel economy for their trucks.

The Outcome

With the new Pumptec X-Series pumps in place, Terminix was back on the front lines of the battle with new and improved weapons in their arsenal. Not only were they able to move away from fossil fuels without losing performance, but they were able to lower operating costs, increase the precision of their solution application. This gave them opportunities to expand into new territories.

12/20 LHP 12/24v
Reverse Osmosis Watermaker
Custom Built-In
Streamlined 12/20 LHP 12/24v
Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

Product Used

Pumptec x-Series

  • 300 PSI
  • 6.4 GPM
  • Compact Design
  • Hardcoat Aluminum Body
  • Stainless Steel Valves
  • Ceramic Plungers

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