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In the oil and gas industry, your pipeline is your lifeline. That lifeline is routinely subjected to nature’s harshest conditions: arctic cold, desert heat, seawater, and tropical humidity. Oil and gas companies rely on chemical injection systems to protect their pipelines from corrosion, plugging, and freezing. Chemical injection systems have traditionally utilized electric or gas driven pumps. Both options have critical challenges. Gas driven pumps are subject to stalling when the liquids in the supply gas freeze up in the winter. Electric pumps generally required 120-230VAC power source, and require an electrician when there’s a failure. This creates significant chemical injection delays. And sometimes, pumps are located out of range of access to electricity. Both gas and electric pumps also have environmental consequences.

SunPumper™ developed a solar-powered alternative that’s both dependable and affordable. These solar-powered chemical injection systems mitigate the challenges that come with gas and electric injection systems. The solar panels power the internal battery that keeps the system running no matter the weather conditions. They are completely “stand-alone” systems that reliably meet a wide range of injection requirements.


The Challenges

As use of these solar-powered injection systems expanded, SunPumper™ found that the amp draw was taxing battery life in areas where daylight was limited. SunPumper™ needed to identify ways to lower the amp draw and increase the battery life. They, essentially, needed a pump that would draw less energy while maintaining system performance levels. The solution also had to be durable enough to handle five different chemicals that are used with these solar injection systems. And, SunPumper™ wanted their pumps USA made.

Developing a Solution

Since Pumptec’s existing product line didn’t include a perfect match, Pumptec developers engineered a completely new design to meet the unique requirements of these solar injection systems. The new pump had to withstand harsh weather conditions, have a low amp draw, be tough enough to stand up to a variety of chemicals, and be made in the USA. The resulting 116C pump met all of SunPumper’s™ needs.

It was made of stainless steel, its 12VDC motor was battery-powered, and it was 100% USA made.

The Outcome

SunPumper™ pumps are both reliable and highly energy efficient, requiring the least amount of solar and battery requirements in the industry. All SunPumper™ pumps are properly sized for solar use to meet a wide range of injection requirements that ensures year-round, trouble-free chemical injection.

12/20 LHP 12/24v
Reverse Osmosis Watermaker
Custom Built-In
Streamlined 12/20 LHP 12/24v
Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

Product Used

Pumptec 116C (NOW 107SS)

  • 1200 PSI
  • .42 GPM
  • Compact Design
  • Stainless Steel Body & Valves
  • Ceramic Plungers

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