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  • When Not to Use a Pumptec Pump

    Pumptec pumps have many benefits and numerous uses, but not every use is appropriate or will result in satisfaction.

    Pumptec’s simple and durable design is best applied in uses that are not continuous-duty applications. The benefits of Pumptec’s compact design makes it suited for myriad of portable equipment. Often portable equipment operates for short periods of time and then is moved and used somewhere else, later. There are numerous choices for continuous-duty pumps on the market for greater cost, size and complexity.

    Pumptec’s oil-less, unsealed crankcase design does not make it a good choice for environments that includes high humidity, water spray or dust/dirt. The unsealed crankcase often has a gasket to cover the gap on some models, but these gaskets do not provide water-tight protection in extreme environments. The compact, simple nature of Pumptec pumps makes it convenient to place them in enclosures to protect them from environmental dangers, and thereby, does not limit their use except in rare situations.

    Despite the relative economical price of Pumptec pumps, there are less expensive, lower performing pumps that work well in many applications. Pumptec usually provides greater durability, higher performance and lower total cost than these low cost pumps over time. Often these low cost pumps have inaccurate performance claims that appear to make them seem closer in performance to Pumptec, but they are not. However, there are uses that do not require the high performance and durability of Pumptec pumps and using a Pumptec pump may not be the cheapest option.

  • Picking a pump for your application

    One of Pumptec’s competitive advantages over others is the optimizing of performance to a specific application. With choice sometimes comes confusion. The following can be a helpful guide to choosing the correct pump set for your needs.

    Pumptec pump sets consist of 3 elements, pump, motor and cam bearing. Customers choose all three elements when they decide upon a pump set.

    The first element is the pump series and each pump series has its performance range. Pumptec has standard seal designs for each pump series, but there may be alternatives for specific applications, like chemical pumping. Standard sealing technologies used by Pumptec include v-packings, teflon (t-seal) and u-cup seals. Not all technologies are available in each series or performance ranges.

    The second element is the motor. Pumptec’s offers various motor options to fit many applications. The standard motor options are 12V, 120V and 220V, with 24V for some pump series. The horse power performance range of Pumptec pumps is from .10 to 1.5 HP.
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  • Application Spotlight: Hard Surface Cleaner

    Pumptec Series 356U pump is the heart of most portable hard surface cleaners on the market.

    The Series 356U pump motor set provides the required 2 gpm at 1000 psi performance to spin the hard surface nozzle head in a powerful, compact package that easily fits in most portable designs.

    The benefits of Series 356U in this application include performance, simplicity and oil-less drive system. The flow of 2 gpm creates 1000 psi through two ‘02 nozzles common in most cleaning heads. Lower flow will not create 1000 psi resulting in lower cleaning impact and possibly inadequate rotation of the cleaning bar.


    The simplicity of design results in a compact pump set with few moving parts to wear. A single plunger and simple seal system are at the heart of the pump. With fewer moving parts, the amount of power transferred into cleaning energy is maximized.

    An oil-less pump design permits the pump set to be moved around and laid down without concern of oil leaking out and causing damage. Series 356U uses a special grease for lubrication of critical drive areas. The result is a high performance pump set that can withstand the movement and handling necessary to do the job.

  • Simple. Reliable. Profitable. Performance.

    348UM50-8Pumptec are fast becoming the preferred pump system in 12V sprayers as result of our powerful 12V pump technology proven to withstand your workload and be there tomorrow to do it all over, again. Pumptec 12V pump systems deliver performance, simplicity, profit and reliability every day.


    • True pressure and volume at the nozzle you can count on for label compliance and accuracy.
    • Consistent pressure for consistent spray patterns providing uniformity of coverage.
    • Pressure up to 150 psi powers through longer hose runs to deliver correct amounts of treatment far from truck.
    • More volume at the nozzle propels treatments to greater heights.


    • No moving soft parts to wear and fail you on the job.
    • No connecting rods, crankshaft or submerged bearings needed in Pumptec’s design.
    • Single tool – a 3/16” hex wrench – required for easy, mess-free in-field repair.
    • Fewer moving parts to wear or need replacement.
    • Easy upgrade from low performance or unreliable pumps.


    • More jobs completed per day with greater productivity of powerful pump system.
    • More time spraying treatments creating more revenue day after day.
    • More hours between service increases up time and equipment availability.
    • Lowest long-term cost achieved through superior design and quality materials.


    Our customers say it best:
    “Pumptec never quits on the job”
    Todd Leyse, President of Adam’s Pest Control, Inc.

  • Line Loss in the Pump System

    One of the challenges encountered by many in charge of proper system design and performance is the physical phenomenon of system performance loss as a result of a volume of water passing through a hose. The resistance a hose creates is similar to the resistance ultimately created by the nozzle, but with a lesser effect.

    Below is a guide chart for reference within the flow range of Pumptec pumps.

    Hose Friction Pressure Loss
    (Pressure Drop in PSI per 100FT of Hose with Typical Water Flow Rates)

    Line Loss Chart

    Understanding this information can prevent under-specifying of pump set and disappointing results.

    A situation many find themselves in is when a small plastic diaphragm pump with long hoses on hose reel is expected to provide critical flow and pressure out the nozzle at the end. A pump rated for 3 gpm and 60 psi, used with ⅜” hose cannot offer much performance at the end. According to the chart, the line loss is 50 psi per 100 ft of hose.

    The benefit of a Pumptec plunger pump is extended pressure capabilities to overcome the resistance in the hose. For example, a standard Pumptec pump set, 114T-075/M15 (Spray Basic), has a pressure rating of 150 psi to provide desired nozzle performance at the end of long hose runs.

    The chart can also be used to maximize system performance. If, for example, the system produces 3 gpm and has 150 capability, and 100 psi is needed at the nozzle the chart can assist. If the hose is 100 ft long, then ⅜” hose is a good choice, but if the hose length is longer then ½” hose would be better.

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