Application Spotlight

  • Application spotlight: Portable bathroom cleaners

    Pumptec has played a key role in the decrease of biological dangers in institutional restrooms and similar facilities.

    In cooperation with the creative people at Kaivac Inc, Pumptec developed a compact pumping system used as the heart of their unique line of cleaning equipment specifically purposed for cleaning large restrooms and other similar hard surface environments. Pumptec’s powerful pump and integrated chemical injection system made possible Kaivac’s vision of a portable machine that would allow the operator to successfully perform ‘no touch’ toilet and bathroom fixture cleaning.

    Imagine bringing dignity back to cleaning a toilet and at the same time providing a method to clean an area and leave it significantly more germ-free than other methods that simply apply more chemical and then smear it all around.

    The Kaivac system uses a chemical solution applied at low pressure and then uses high pressure water spray to clean it away. The result is a surface with little to no biological leftovers to transmit disease.

    Pumptec supplies the pump system for a similar type of equipment manufactured by Karcher North America. Although the system is different, the result of a clean area is the same.

    Both companies, along with Pumptec, are creating better environments with lower disease hazards. and that benefits everyone.

  • Application Spotlight: Hard Surface Cleaner

    Pumptec Series 356U pump is the heart of most portable hard surface cleaners on the market.

    The Series 356U pump motor set provides the required 2 gpm at 1000 psi performance to spin the hard surface nozzle head in a powerful, compact package that easily fits in most portable designs.

    The benefits of Series 356U in this application include performance, simplicity and oil-less drive system. The flow of 2 gpm creates 1000 psi through two ‘02 nozzles common in most cleaning heads. Lower flow will not create 1000 psi resulting in lower cleaning impact and possibly inadequate rotation of the cleaning bar.


    The simplicity of design results in a compact pump set with few moving parts to wear. A single plunger and simple seal system are at the heart of the pump. With fewer moving parts, the amount of power transferred into cleaning energy is maximized.

    An oil-less pump design permits the pump set to be moved around and laid down without concern of oil leaking out and causing damage. Series 356U uses a special grease for lubrication of critical drive areas. The result is a high performance pump set that can withstand the movement and handling necessary to do the job.

  • Application Spotlight: 12V Pressure Washer

    Pressure WasherPumptec, once again, has created a market niche with their 12V pressure washers.

    Up until now, a pressure washer required either a 120V outlet or gas engine to do the job. If the job was remote, but did not allow use of a gas engine, there were no options. Pumptec has answered this with a range of 12V-powered washers for specific uses.

    Portable toilet cleaning

    CS-650 is an economical, ready to install pressure washer providing 1.3 gpm at 650 psi, 60 amps. This performance is ideal for portable toilets with an optimal combination of flow and pressure to clean, but not too much water to waste or pressure energy with splash back.

    CS-750 is a deluxe, ready to install kit providing 1.35 gpm at 750 psi, 65 amps. This is the original 12V pressure washer operators have relied upon for over a decade. The performance is optimal for cleaning portables without wearing your work home.

    PTC-1500 is the most powerful system we offer with 1.5 gpm, 1000 psi, 95 amp performance. The neat feature of this washer is auto-start with trigger pull. This power cleaning is available with a squeeze of the trigger and stops when the trigger is closed to save energy and reduce wear on the pump.

    Coil cleaning

    PTC-1500, our most powerful washer, can be placed in a vehicle and has the power to provide excellent cleaning performance up several stories of a building via an optional 100 ft pressure hose. With the optional chemical injector, the included spray gun can apply chemical at low pressure and high pressure rinse with a simple adjustment of the nozzle cover.

    Marine/dock side cleaning

    MDC-400, our highest flow model, is designed to be placed next to, and be powered by, the battery from a 12V boat lift. The performance of this washer is 3 gpm at 400 psi, 90 amps, featuring the same auto-start technology as the PTC-1500. There is enough flow and pressure to wash away the debris left behind by ducks and geese, and to rinse off boats to remove exotic species.

  • Application spotlight: Carpet Cleaning

    Pumptec has lead the way for years in pumping system innovation in the portable carpet extractor market.

    In the beginning, Pumptec offered Series 204V pump on a small motor to a market that did not have any products available for higher performance that were not overly large and expensive. Pumptec’s small Series 204V with priming ability provided 300 psi and 1 gpm in a small, inexpensive package that fit many of the extractors of the time. From this design came Series 205V, the ‘bullet-proof pump’, with the expanded performance range of 1.4 gpm and up to 500 psi. These performance levels allowed customers to ‘have all power of truckmount, in a portable.’ The business of quality carpet cleaning became more affordable to large numbers of operators that had a truckmount extractor as their only option.

    As extractors have gotten smaller, the pumping systems needed to become smaller and Pumptec introduced Series 112 pumps with 200 psi performance. This has become one of the most popular performance levels in the market today. Manufacturers are able to provide a higher performance extractor than the entry level ‘100 psi’ types.

    The most recent development has been 500 psi performance made possible with Series 207V providing lower flow in combination with a heater. The lower flow allows more heat to transfer resulting in hotter water and the higher pressure creates an almost steaming effect to better clean the carpet.

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