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Great Engineering starts with the best talent ! We are proud to have our Engineering Department assist you in your customization.  Our superior engineering staff will listen to your ideas, review and assess your specifications, and develop a world class customer-focused product solution for your company's project.  After all, this process and attention to details is at the core of Pumptec’s mission. We provide solutions with our pumps and systems specifically for designed and engineered to meet or exceed customer’s applications and expectations.  This approach is why we have been extremely successful with several national and international OEMS and projects.  This is as opposed to asking our customers to adapt their needs to fit our products. We are happy to work with OEM's and Customers to design a custom unit to satisfy their demanding requirements.

With a variety of motor and pump model options, we have a full inventory of accessories specifically chosen for Pumptec pumps. We are able to create a system for most applications in our performance range. We continually engineer to improve pump design, performance and materials to offer extended system life and ease of service. Many of our improvements come from working with our clients to solve their specific application problems. We welcome your suggestions for new products and other performances you want to achieve. You will owe it to yourself to call us to find out how easy we are to work with. Call 763-433-0303 for more information or just take a moment to fill out the form below to get started. We look forward to working with you. 

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