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  • Application spotlight: Portable bathroom cleaners

    Pumptec has played a key role in the decrease of biological dangers in institutional restrooms and similar facilities.

    In cooperation with the creative people at Kaivac Inc, Pumptec developed a compact pumping system used as the heart of their unique line of cleaning equipment specifically purposed for cleaning large restrooms and other similar hard surface environments. Pumptec’s powerful pump and integrated chemical injection system made possible Kaivac’s vision of a portable machine that would allow the operator to successfully perform ‘no touch’ toilet and bathroom fixture cleaning.

    Imagine bringing dignity back to cleaning a toilet and at the same time providing a method to clean an area and leave it significantly more germ-free than other methods that simply apply more chemical and then smear it all around.

    The Kaivac system uses a chemical solution applied at low pressure and then uses high pressure water spray to clean it away. The result is a surface with little to no biological leftovers to transmit disease. www.kaivac.com

    Pumptec supplies the pump system for a similar type of equipment manufactured by Karcher North America. Although the system is different, the result of a clean area is the same.

    Both companies, along with Pumptec, are creating better environments with lower disease hazards. and that benefits everyone.

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