Picking a pump for your application

One of Pumptec’s competitive advantages over others is the optimizing of performance to a specific application. With choice sometimes comes confusion. The following can be a helpful guide to choosing the correct pump set for your needs.

Pumptec pump sets consist of 3 elements, pump, motor and cam bearing. Customers choose all three elements when they decide upon a pump set.

The first element is the pump series and each pump series has its performance range. Pumptec has standard seal designs for each pump series, but there may be alternatives for specific applications, like chemical pumping. Standard sealing technologies used by Pumptec include v-packings, teflon (t-seal) and u-cup seals. Not all technologies are available in each series or performance ranges.

The second element is the motor. Pumptec’s offers various motor options to fit many applications. The standard motor options are 12V, 120V and 220V, with 24V for some pump series. The horse power performance range of Pumptec pumps is from .10 to 1.5 HP.

The third element of a Pumptec pump set is the cam bearing. The cam bearing offset determines the flow of the pump and performance of the pump set. Cam offsets vary depending on the pump series and motor options.

Typically, the first performance criteria needed is flow. Pumptec has organized their master catalog and website to assist in finding models by flow. Flow is often the most critical performance datum because many systems use nozzles to create pressure, and therefore, require a specific flow rate. Customers can have confidence in Pumptec’s ratings being accurate and reproducible.

Once the desired flow has been identified, the list will show available pump sets offering that flow rating. It is always possible to chose a larger flow rate if the standard pump set choices are not sufficient.

Complete pump set information is located on the reference page indicated on the flow/model table. When looking at the available models in a pump set area, you may see a pump and motor combination that fits your needs, but lacks a standard model with the flow performance you seek. It is often possible to produce the model you seek by changing the cam bearing to a performance level you seek. Consult Pumptec for more options with various models.

An example of selection process:

Application requires 1.2 gpm, 300 psi, 120V.

Pump Selection Chart

There are 3 options for this performance and a complete list of standard model within this series is found on page 12. On page 12, will be a photograph, standard materials of construction configuration and standard models of the pump and motor sets listed. Also listed are available motor options.

A note on performance table: performance data for 12V pump sets indicate flow rates that occur at lower pressures and maximum pressures. Due to the performance variability of 12V systems, exact performance will depend on several factors including pressure and amount of voltage. The data provided is based upon 12.5 volts.