Application Spotlight: Hard Surface Cleaner

Pumptec Series 356U pump is the heart of most portable hard surface cleaners on the market.

The Series 356U pump motor set provides the required 2 gpm at 1000 psi performance to spin the hard surface nozzle head in a powerful, compact package that easily fits in most portable designs.

The benefits of Series 356U in this application include performance, simplicity and oil-less drive system. The flow of 2 gpm creates 1000 psi through two ‘02 nozzles common in most cleaning heads. Lower flow will not create 1000 psi resulting in lower cleaning impact and possibly inadequate rotation of the cleaning bar.


The simplicity of design results in a compact pump set with few moving parts to wear. A single plunger and simple seal system are at the heart of the pump. With fewer moving parts, the amount of power transferred into cleaning energy is maximized.

An oil-less pump design permits the pump set to be moved around and laid down without concern of oil leaking out and causing damage. Series 356U uses a special grease for lubrication of critical drive areas. The result is a high performance pump set that can withstand the movement and handling necessary to do the job.