History of Pumptec

Jim Cook - PumptecPumptec was founded in 1988 by Jim Cook, a pump industry veteran and son of Ernest Cook, founder of Hypro Engineering (Hypro Pumps). The goal was to fill a product performance gap in the market between 1/5th horsepower and 1.5 horsepower pump. All the current products offered lower performance or were too large and costly for this segment of the market.

  • Jim knew from his experience in the market that there was a need for the product
  • Convincing customers was a challenge since no such product existed
  • Luckily, a start-up company in Minneapolis needed a pump for their patented cleaning machine

Pumptec was the only pump to offer the performance, size and price needed for their equipment. The customer’s equipment generated a great deal of interest among their competitors for both their technology and ‘cute’ pump they had found. Pumptec’s sales grew rapidly in this market over the next decade and they continue to dominate it today.

Pumptec moved from ‘the garage’ in 1992 to their first facility and business continued to grow as more pumps series were added. These included series 112, 205 and 356. It was in this facility that significant innovation and sales growth occurred requiring a move a few years later and then expansion of that facility to accommodate the rapid growth. During this time, Series 113, the compact misting pump developed for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, was born and opened a new market for Pumptec.

Jim continued to expand the product offerings and markets since he did not want too much business from either a small number of customers or markets. Innovation continued and granting of several more patents followed in the areas of pump design, reverse osmosis and equipment design.

Pumptec HeadquartersIn 2007, Pumptec moved into their current facility, built to their needs, and continues to innovate and grow. Over the years Pumptec has resisted the trend to outsource manufacturing and still manufactures every pump in their facility. By remaining a USA manufacturer, Pumptec possess opportunities for innovation and customer response importers cannot provide.

The greatest contribution Pumptec has made to their markets has been the creation of equipment not previously possible. Some examples include high performance portable carpet extractors, small high pressure misting systems; high performance 12 volt powered spraying equipment and next generation chemical injection technology.