Product Support

Pumptec has a variety of resources to assist understanding, using and servicing of our products.

Our literature section includes information regarding model data sheets, repair instructions and general system set-up.

Data Sheets provide information specific to each pump and motor set including flow and pressure performance ranges and dimensional drawings. Find these sheets by pump motor sets (jump to pump motor sets)

Repair instructions for each pump series are available for download and viewing online. These are simple repair manuals that can be kept with pump system in equipment.

Pumptec also offers a complete, general service manual with guidance on proper system set-up and maintenance.

If you have difficulty with a pump system or repair, please visit our video section, FAQ or troubleshooting sections. If you are still in need of assistance, or prefer to talk to a friendly, helpful technician, then contact Pumptec directly at 763-433-0303.