Regulator, 9019, SS SEAT, Locking, 1/4 NPT

Regulator, 9019, SS SEAT, Locking, 1/4 NPT

Regulator, 9019, SS SEAT, Locking, 1/4 NPT

125 PSI PN: 70112
200 PSI PN: 70105
250 PSI PN: 70106
500 PSI PN: 70107
1000 PSI PN: 70114

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Part Number Regulator 9019


Pumptec regulators offers quality in pressure regulating, relief and release. Pumptec regulators also serve as a flow proportionate valve. With this pressure regulating operational regulator valve, you are assured of top performance. High flow or low flow, a Pumptec pressure regulator valve will offer the desired regulated flow and operation specifications. Whether it is for your carpet extractor cleaner, high and low flow misting sprayer, sprayer, lawn and pest spraying pump application, agricultural sprayer pump, chemical pump sprayer, pressure cleaner washer sprayer and washing equipment and other pump/motor/plumbing needs, Pumptec can assist with your general cat agory pump regulator needs.