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  • Pulse Hose Benefits

    Pulse HosesPulse is an integral part of Pumptec pump systems and provides very specific benefits.

    Pulse hose is a specially manufactured hose that, unlike typical hose, will expand slightly to dissipate energy. The energy dissipation quality decreases momentary pressure spikes and smooths flow and performance.

    Each compression cycle of the pump creates a pressure spike and then no pressure. If the pressure spikes are not dissipated, system components receive the spikes and can cause premature wear, noise, lower performance and higher energy needs.

    Some of the components affected are:

    • Gauges can fatigue from the pulsations and fail prematurely.
    • In-line heaters can have coils that stress and crack.
    • Regulators can have premature seal failure from the frequent bouncing of the regulator piston with each pulsation.

    Noise will come from the hydraulic pulsations vibrating in the pump and motor, and other system components vibrating in equipment case.

    Lower performance results from the regulator piston bouncing and allowing fluid to bypass out and not go through the nozzle to create pressure.

    To compensate for the lower performance, the pressure is often adjusted higher resulting in higher energy requirements during spray and then during bypass.

    The proper length of hose is critical for optimal system performance. Pumptec-designed systems have the proper length of pulse hose to provide optimal performance. If you are in need of a reference for your system design, please use the ratio of 6 ft of total pulse hose for every 1 gpm of flow as a guide.

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