When Not to Use a Pumptec Pump

Pumptec pumps have many benefits and numerous uses, but not every use is appropriate or will result in satisfaction.

Pumptec’s simple and durable design is best applied in uses that are not continuous-duty applications. The benefits of Pumptec’s compact design makes it suited for myriad of portable equipment. Often portable equipment operates for short periods of time and then is moved and used somewhere else, later. There are numerous choices for continuous-duty pumps on the market for greater cost, size and complexity.

Pumptec’s oil-less, unsealed crankcase design does not make it a good choice for environments that includes high humidity, water spray or dust/dirt. The unsealed crankcase often has a gasket to cover the gap on some models, but these gaskets do not provide water-tight protection in extreme environments. The compact, simple nature of Pumptec pumps makes it convenient to place them in enclosures to protect them from environmental dangers, and thereby, does not limit their use except in rare situations.

Despite the relative economical price of Pumptec pumps, there are less expensive, lower performing pumps that work well in many applications. Pumptec usually provides greater durability, higher performance and lower total cost than these low cost pumps over time. Often these low cost pumps have inaccurate performance claims that appear to make them seem closer in performance to Pumptec, but they are not. However, there are uses that do not require the high performance and durability of Pumptec pumps and using a Pumptec pump may not be the cheapest option.