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  • Series 348U Plunger Pump

    348U Plunger PumpPumptec offers Series 348U plunger pump for applications in the performance range of up to  3 gpm and up to 1000 psi.

    Standard features of the pump include:

    • Stainless plunger
    • Stainless steel valves
    • U-cup seal design

    Series 348U has been one of Pumptec’s most popular pumps because of its durability, size and performance capability.

    Series 348U has been used in compact hard surface cleaning and hydrostatic testing equipment.  The compact size and motor options have made possible performance previously only available from larger, more expensive pumps.

    The standard u-cup seal system handles the challenges of various water solutions and tolerates some level of debris in solution. Additionally, the flow capability of Series 348U permits a range of uses for hand-carry pump equipment.

    Motor options: 12V, 24V, 120V and 230V.

  • Importance of Proper Filtration

    Proper filtration helps to maintain the function and proper operation of equipment. Many applications require equipment to have frequent fillings and this is a time when debris can enter the pumping system from buckets, hoses or undissolved chemicals.

    Some of the most harmful debris is hard, granular materials like undissolved powdered chemicals or sand. This granular material will abrade on the plunger and damage the seals and plunger during operation. Evidence of this type of damage is leaking and seal failure. Valves can be damaged in the critical seating area with the result of diminished performance. Regulating devices such as unloaders and regulators can become jammed and stick sometimes causing significant damage to the system.

    Line StrainerTypically, an 80-mesh strainer is recommended to trap the largest, most harmful debris. There are situations that a 40-mesh strainer is recommended, but this is not common and will likely result in lower pump life.

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