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  • Series 205V Plunger Pump

    205V Plunger PumpPumptec offers Series 205V plunger pump for applications in the performance range of up to 2 gpm and up to 800 psi.

    Standard features of the pump include:

    • Stainless plunger
    • Stainless steel valves
    • V-packing seal design
    • Multiple number of ports- 4, 5, or 6

    Series 205V is one of Pumptec’s most popular pumps because of its durability, size and performance capability.

    ‘Bullet-proof’ is how many of our customers have described the reliability of Series 205V used extensively in Carpet extractor and smaller pressure cleaning equipment. The compact size and motor options have made possible performance previously only available from larger, stationary pump stations.

    The standard v-packing seal system handles the challenges of various water solutions and tolerates some level of debris on solution. Additionally, the suction capability of this seal type permits mounting in areas away from the tank.

    Motor options: 12V, 24V, 120V and 230V.

  • Advantages of a pump without oil

    Pumptec plunger pumps have a unique, oil-less design that provides many benefits to users and designers of equipment.

    Many other high performance pump options use a crankcase of oil to lubricate the drive mechanisms. In order to provide adequate lubrication, the crankcase often needs to be kept parallel to the ground. This requirement limits the equipment design and may compromise overall product goal. Additionally, a crankcase full of oil needs a vent to allow for oil expansion during operation. If an oil containing pump mounted inside equipment is tipped, oil may drain out of the vent and create a mess.

    Pump GreasePumptec pumps do not use oil to lubricate the drive mechanisms. Pumptec uses a special, extreme-duty grease to provide the critical lubrication of the cam bearing and plunger slot. This oil-less design allows the pump to be mounted in a variety of orientations to maximize design possibilities.

    Pumps with oil lubrication require maintenance to change oil. This is often messy and requires complete removal of pump from system to drain and refill. Pumptec pumps typically do not require lubrication maintenance except for humid environments or during replacement part servicing. In the event of grease servicing, the pump head needs to be removed and grease is installed in plunger slot. It is often not necessary to remove plumbing to grease pump.

    It can happen that a severe seal leak occurs in all types of pump. Pumps with oil risk significant damage and cost to expensive drive parts if the oil contamination is not repaired. Pumptec pumps have very few moving and parts and these are simply and inexpensively replaced in such a extreme case.

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