Pumptec pumps are outstanding

"Hi, my name is Tom McDonald. I am the Service Manager at Barker-Hammer Inc. in Edina, MN. We are also a Master Distributor and have been for about 2 years. Barker-Hammer is a Pumptec user and has been since the first portables came out with Pumptec pumps in them.

The durability of the Pumptec pumps are outstanding, to say the least. However, if the end user does not clean the pump on a regular basis, any pump will fail.  We have seen Pumptec pumps come in such horrible condition that it was just shy of a miracle they worked at all! It is a testimony in itself that they had so abused and worked at all.

Remember, as long as the end user uses the equipment within the parameters of design of the equipment, and clean it, regularly, you should get many years of use from the Pumptec pump.

Customer Service from Pumptec is second to none. Curt and Shawn have been outstanding to work with."

~ Thank You,  Tom McDonald, Service Manager, Barker-Hammer

Pumptec helped solve all the problems

"Pumptec's 114T pump has made applying cleaners and stains to outdoor wood effortless and profitable joy! Years ago we searched for a better pump than we were using. Pumptec helped solve all the problems we needed to overcome.

The selection of sizes is also nice,  From large to small, Pumptec has them all!  It is nice to that they are quick and easy to repair when needed too.

Support is excellent and we are pleased to offer our customers the high quality products that come from a high quality company."

~ T Handl, North American Pressure Wash Outlet

Always willing to go extra mile

"I have been doing business with Pumptec for over 15 years and in that time I have been delighted with Pumptec products and their service. They fill my needs in a timely manner and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my complete satisfaction. Their professionalism is execeptional and always exceeds my expectations. I will happily recommend their products and service."

~ Jeff Taylor, Truck Mounts and Cleaning Solutions, Norcross, GA

Low maintenance and a breeze to service

"Pumptec has the market cornered in small high pressure pumps and efficient enough to work in the electric portable carpet cleaning extractor market. This is by no means the extent of their market presence.

These pumps are affordable and durable for heavy use in commercial applications. They are low maintenance and a breeze to service. Shawn and Curt make dealing with Pumptec an absolute pleasure.

I know they spend an incrediable amount of time and energy testing and researching their products, which only serves to their distributors and ultimately the end user's benefit.

Pumptec is one of my very favorite companies to deal with."

~ Ken Ware, Sales Manager, Steam Brite Supply, Pumptec Master Distributor & Customer

Durable and Reliable

"The customer service and sales team at Pumptec have been extremely helpful and very knowledgeable for all the carpet pumps, pumps, motors, repair kits and spare parts we order at Soli.

Overall, the pump and motor assemblies have been durable and reliable for our customers.

We continuously recommend your products to other repair shops."

~ Allan Pilossoph, President, SOLI, Inc

Only use Pumptec for my electric sprayers

"I would love to give a Pumptec testimonial!  I have been using Pumptec for over 10 years. I own a pest and lawncare company.

With Pumptec pumps I have one pump that has been in service for 8 years without one failure or rebuild and another that is 3 years old that performs the same way.

I also custom build sprayers and only use Pumptec pumps for my electric sprayers.  I am going to rebuild/re-rig a 400 gallon gas spraying rig to a Pumptec 12 Volt that will save thousands in gas expenses over a short time. I was spending $6 a day on gas. That will mean more money in my pocket."

~ Mike McDaniel, AJ Southwest Pest Control

Reliable Partner, easy to use website

"Pumptec has always been a very reliable partner in the equipment field of pest control. They have excellent service, knowledgeable sales people, and an easy to use website for information and support."

~ Michelle Nancock  B.C.E, Sales Manager-Environmental Sciences, Univar